Paige shined once again during the process of buying and selling our homes

We met Paige during an open house and were immediately impressed with her knowledge and sincerity. We decided to bid on the house she was showing – and she made the process go as smoothly as possible; she is well connected in her industry with financing, inspectors, handymen, and escrow businesses. Every person she recommended for the different stages of our transaction were top-notch. We had a house on the market while buying a house from Paige. We had a lot of problems with our Realtor and eventually asked to cancel our contract. Needless to say we hired Paige to sell our house. Within 2 days she posted a sign, had pictures taken, posted flyers, and scheduled a series of open houses – more than our previous Realtor accomplished in 30 days. Even better yet, we had huge interest in our house after Paige accurately priced the house that was based on a sound market analysis as opposed to wild guessing that the previous Realtor did. We sold our home in 6 days and were very happy with the price. Paige shined once again during the process of buying and selling our homes. She spent countless hours working behind the scenes to keep both our purchase and sale on track; she cajoled people to submit paperwork on time, always made herself available regardless of the time of day, and had answers or recommendations when various issues arose.