Next Level and Beyond

I’ve worked with Jena and Nicolas Jonville of the Jonville Team for many years (8+ transactions to date is testimony alone) AND I have always sung their praises but most recently… they’ve taken their already EXCEPTIONAL service to the next level. I have become spoiled by their constant professionalism, expert market analysis’ and negotiating skills; yet with this emotional sale recently (due to the passing of a beloved family member) – they have handled me with kit gloves and shown so much grace to me every step of the way. I had mentioned in my earlier review that I have other agents in different state’s and although they’re satisfactory -NO ONE compares to the Jonville Team, not even close. As a small business owner, I have a lot of irons in the fire constantly and working with the Jonville team has helped me tremendously, taking any undue stress off the selling experience. Their service is nothing less of seamless every.single.time. If you want the best, look no further – Kimberly