Jonville Real Estate Team San Marcos CA Things To Do in San Elijo Hills: Your Guide to Fun in San Marcos, CA

Nestled in the heart of San Marcos, CA, San Elijo Hills offers a vibrant community with stunning views, lush landscapes, and a wide array of recreational activities. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, San Elijo Hills provides a unique blend of outdoor adventures, community events, and quaint local businesses that cater to all ages. This guide will take you through the top things to do in San Elijo Hills, ensuring your time spent in this charming community is unforgettable.

Explore San Elijo Hills Park

San Elijo Hills Park is the centerpiece of community life, offering expansive green spaces, playgrounds, and picnic areas perfect for family outings. The park also features sports facilities, including soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and basketball courts, catering to sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Hike the Trails

San Elijo Hills is renowned for its extensive trail system, winding through the community and offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas. The trails range from easy walks to more challenging hikes, such as the Double Peak Trail, which rewards hikers with panoramic views at the summit.

Visit the Town Center

The San Elijo Hills Town Center is the heart of the community, where you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Enjoy a leisurely brunch at a local café, browse through unique boutiques, or savor dinner with a view at one of the many eateries offering outdoor seating.

Attend Community Events

San Elijo Hills is known for its strong sense of community, highlighted by numerous events throughout the year. From outdoor movie nights and holiday parades to the popular Oktoberfest and San Elijo Hills Festival, there’s always something happening that brings the community together.

Enjoy Local Eateries and Breweries

San Elijo Hills and the greater San Marcos area boast an impressive selection of eateries and breweries. Whether you’re in the mood for artisan pizza, gourmet tacos, or craft beer, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on local favorites like the Lost Abbey, a brewery known for its innovative craft beers.

Engage in Water Activities at Lake San Marcos

Just a short drive from San Elijo Hills, Lake San Marcos offers water activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing. The lake is a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy the outdoors and take in the scenic beauty of the area.

Participate in Fitness and Wellness Programs

The community places a strong emphasis on health and wellness, with various fitness and wellness programs available to residents and visitors alike. Join a yoga class in the park, participate in a community run, or enjoy a workout with stunning views at a local gym.


San Elijo Hills in San Marcos, CA, offers a delightful mix of outdoor adventures, community spirit, and local charms. Whether you’re exploring the natural beauty of its trails, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Town Center, or participating in community events, San Elijo Hills has something for everyone. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to discover all the fun and excitement this unique community has to offer.

Visiting San Elijo Hills?

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